Arzeen Mohammad Kamal

Arzeen Mohammad Kamal is a highly accomplished Bengali singer, songwriter, lyricist and filmmaker specializing in folk and classical music. Born in Bangladesh, Kamal has been living in the United States for the past six years and has continued to explore his love of Bengali folk music in his new home.
Kamal’s connection with Bengali music is evident in everything he puts out into the world, from his work with recording project Pinkturban to his live performances around Los Angeles. Kamal’s artistry adds to the richness of Bengali culture. His singing and performing comes from the soul and is quick to get listeners on their feet as he is, dancing and moving to the rhythm. His music is not only meant for the Bengali community, but to speak to anyone willing to listen. Kamal strives to interact with his audience in a way that makes them a necessary part of his performance. He does not just sing to his audience, but he encourages their participation in order to make the most of their time together. Arzeen Kamal and his work are helping spread the beauty and legacy of the Bengali community in Los Angeles, keeping the tradition of folk music alive.