Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)

Heart of Los Angeles (HoLA) is a nonprofit organization that provides underserved youth with enrichment programs in academics, arts, and athletics. With a four-building campus in the Rampart District of Los Angeles, elementary to high-school aged students have access to academic coaching, arts education and sports. The campus has a state-of-the-art soccer field, outdoor basketball courts, and an updated indoor gym.
Exposure, a key component of HoLA programming provides students with an opportunity to map their own success. Industry professionals meet with students in a relaxed setting, which creates an opportunity for students to inquire about the mechanics of setting and achieving goals. HoLA believes that with these tools, academic, creative and physical, kids have a better chance to reach their full potential and return to give back to their communities. The nurturing environment young people enjoy with HoLA is a special opportunity for them to practice intention, goal setting, and explore their creativity.
*The video profile above includes contributions by students from SLAB, the Spatial Analysis Lab at the University of Southern California Price School of Public Policy.