Historic Filipinotown & “Filipino Americans: A Glorious History, A Golden Legacy” Mural At Unidad Park

Historic Filipinotown is an area which stands as a symbol for the large Filipino community in Los Angeles. Though the area is inhabited by a multicultural population, approximately 10,000 Filipino Americans call HiFi home. The designation pays homage to the area that where Filipinos first settled in the early 20th century and hosts many bastians of Filipino culture.

One of the places that celebrates Filipino history and serves as a meeting place for the community is Unidad Park. Formerly a community garden, the space was transformed into a public park with sponsorship by Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA). The park features an expansive mural titled “Gintong Kasaysayan, Gintong Pamana” which translates to “Filipino Americans: A Glorious History, A Golden Legacy.” Painted by Filipino muralist Eliseo Art Silva in 1995, the mural depicts Filipino and Filipino American historical figures. An interpretive sign is displayed in front of the mural educating Filipino- and Non-Filipino Americans alike on the people depicted, including notable figures such as Jose Rizal, Phillip Vera Cruz, Lapu-Lapu, and many others. The mural at Unidad Park is visible as passers-by drive west along Beverly Boulevard through Historic Filipinotown, serving as a reminder of the valuable history of the Filipino American community.
*The video profile above includes contributions by students from SLAB, the Spatial Analysis Lab at the University of Southern California Price School of Public Policy.