June Lee – Sejong Korean Music Studio

June Lee is a teacher and performer of Korean traditional music. She is the leader of Sejong Korean Music Studio and has been teaching Korean drumming, specifically Pansori, for over 20 years. Pansori is a Korean genre of musical storytelling characterized by extended rhythmic vocalizations. Sori translates into sound, and Pansori uses sound and breathing techniques to convey a deep emotional point of view.
Pansori is a full embodiment of the complexity and soul of what it means to be Korean. June Lee went back to Korea to learn from masters of the craft and carries that prestige into her performance and teaching. Lee has performed in concerts and theater productions in LA and internationally, and is highly regarded as one of the best in her field. It is not only about performing for Lee, but about passing on the musical heritage of Korean culture. Lee’s students vary in range and ethnic background, showing that the beauty of this Korean tradition extends beyond cultural boundaries. She teaches Korean drumming and music to influence future generations so that they may have a visceral, personal connection to that culture and integrate it into their identity. June Lee continues to use her talent for performing and teaching to preserve and amplify the Korean voice in Los Angeles.