Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles

The Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park is a treasured space that showcases the transcendent power of music to bring people together. Levitt Pavilion hosts fifty free concerts on fifty nights every summer, covering a wide variety of genres and notoriety.


On any given night during the series, you will come to the Pavilion to find reggae, gospel, samba, folk, or a live hip hop DJ set. Concert goers can set up blankets and chairs on the sloped grass amphitheatre surrounding the bandshell that sets the stage for the musicians, or stand up-close in front of the stage for a more active listening experience. Concerts are all ages, though early evening Sundays are typically geared towards kid-friendly music. Food trucks park near the music so you can grab a bite without missing anything, but a picnic packed ahead of time will do the job just as well. Summer in Los Angeles is never short on outdoor activities and there is truly nothing quite like dancing to live music with Downtown Los Angeles as your backdrop, not a light sweater in sight. The night ends at a reasonable enough hour to move onto another destination a few Metro Red Line stops or a quick ride away, or you can even return home knowing that your people-watching, grooving quotas have been well satisfied for the night.