Salvadoran American Leadership and Educational Fund (SALEF)

The Salvadoran American Leadership and Educational Fund (SALEF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the rights of minority populations in Los Angeles and the greater United States, fight against deportation, and bolster a community of engaged, well-equipped Latino leaders. The organization is also dedicated to increasing access to education. SALEF is committed to fostering the next generation of Latinx leaders, as is evidenced in their various programs geared towards Latino youth in the realms of education, employment, and leadership.
Their “Fulfilling Our Dreams Scholarship” is available for Latino students high school and up in the Los Angeles area to give them a push towards achieving their educational goals. Students are eligible for the scholarship regardless of their resident status. Their leadership programs train young people to engage effectively in civic- and political-based action, as well as how to advocate for better education opportunities in their communities. Participants in these programs have the opportunity to collaborate in workshops and seminars with their peers culminating in a collective community service project. SALEF also provides a computer lab open to the public. By giving young members of the Latino community concrete tools and training to enact change, SALEF is planting the seeds for real change to occur today and in the future.